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Here are some articles from Men's Voices and recent issues of M.E.N. Magazine, as well as other articles submitted by MenWeb readers.

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Wounded Masculinity: Parsifal and The Fisher King Wound, by Richard A. Sanderson.

Why Over 200,000 African-American Men Could Not Vote in Florida by Dr. Aaron Kipnis. Article based on material from Angry Young Men.

When the Child Becomes the Caregiver An excerpt from The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 Year Landmark Study.

The Lone Rangers Among Us. Men and friendships. By Schu Montgomery

Reflections on the Littleton, Colorado Slayings.ManDance: Notes on a personal journey. By Michael F. Copado

"The Problem That Has No Name".Kosovo and Littleton, Colorado: Male Shooters come in all ages. Article by Forrest Craver

Fathers and Daughters. Women talk about the importance of fathers in their lives.

Dreams of Masculinity, by James William Thomas.

Integrating the Shadow, by Dmitri Bilgere

The Beauty of Our Suffering, by David Shakleton

Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence, by Philip W. Cook, based on his book of the same title.

Circumcision A Barbaric Practice, A Human Rights Violation by J. Steven Svoboda.

The Rules, by Patrick W. Crockett. Challenges the view that men are "left-brained" and women "right-brained." Maybe we have that backwards!

Sometimes Its OK to Have Ice Cream, by John D. Goldhammer.

Father Spell, by Paul Levy. Impact of fathers on our lives and our personal growth, from a Jungian perspective.

"The Way" of Depression, by James Dolan

Gone but Not Forgotten A Reflection on our Ex-wives, by James Dolan

The War Against Men, by David Shakleton. Article from Issue #28 of Everyman, Confronting Feminism

Keeping an Eye on the Promise Keepers, by Dick Gilkeson

Midlife and the Shaman/Trickster, an interview with Alan Chinen, by Bert H. Hoff

Male Menopause: A personal perspective. Jed Diamond, author of Male Menopause, offers some personal perspectives on male menopause.

The Wonder of Boys, An Interview with Michael Gurian by Bert H. Hoff

Gang Youth, Art and Soul, An Interview with Luis Rodruíguez by Bert H. Hoff

New! Men's Voices Exclusive! "False" Memories, Repressed Memories, by Scott Abraham

A Farewell to Danaan Parry, by Daniel Deardorff

Ritual and Community, An Interview with Michael Meade by Bert H. Hoff and Halim Dunsky (Parts 1 and 2)

The Hag and the Dark Feminime, by Carolyn Baker

Yes, Women Do Abuse, by Scott Abraham

Masks, by Rupert Schmitt

Reports on the 7th Wingspan Conference:

Gender Reconciliation and Progressive Social Change, by Dan Marshall

Climbing Out From Hell, by Jeffrey Miller. "What we need to create for our children is an environment that embraces a boy who has the courage to tell of his rape. We must believe him, and support him, and not make him responsible for holding the burden of the adult act."

Relationship! Can We Ever Get One That Works?, by Richard Prosapio

The Shadow Knows, by James Dolan

Gaining Equal Rights for Men, by David A. Ault

Men's Groups, an interview with George Taylor, by Bert H. Hoff

Real Men Do Therapy, by Jerry Magaro

The Other Father, by Daniel Deardorff

Blessing, by Bert H. Hoff

Where is Men's Work Going?, an interview with Shepherd Bliss, the man who coined the phrase "mythopoetic men's movement," by Bert H. Hoff

Inner Work and Gender Justice, an interview with Aaron Kipnis and Elizabeth Herron, on gender and relationships issues, by Bert H. Hoff and Bernetta Hoff

Initiation into the Heart of Life: Opening Through Sports Training, by Greg Bleakney

A Tree for My Father, by Tom Golden

Buyer Beware: The Lover's Journey Through the Shadowlands, an interview with Roger Easterbrooks, by George A. Parks

Of Mice and Men: Reflections and Confessions on "The Masculine", by Suzanne Nadon

Quest for the Burning Feather: Initiation for Adolescent Males, by Peter Wallis

Negotiating Love, an interview with Riki Robbins Jones and Philip Jones, by Bert and Bernetta Hoff

Ritual and Spirit, an interview with Tom Daly, by Bert H. Hoff

Million Man March: The Shadow of the Nation, by Tom McKey

An Interview with Robert Bly, by Bert H. Hoff

An Interview with Marion Woodman, by Bert H. Hoff

The Pin on the Wall, by Bert H. Hoff

Rotten Teeth, by Jim Watson

Bringing Us Together, by Eugene August, Ph.D. An elder statesman contends mythopoetics and activists share more than they think

The Right to Our Own Bodies, The History of Male Circumcision in the U.S, by Frederick Hodges and Jerry W. Warner, Ph.D.

Men, Mothers, Wives and Lovers, An interview with Robert Bly, John Lee and Michael Gurian

The World Needs a Man's Heart, An interview with Joseph Jastrab

Inner Man, Inner Woman, An interview with Marion Woodman

Men's Work in Prison, An interview with Harris Breiman

A Man's Grief, by Tom Golden

Men, Grief and Ritual, by Tom Golden, continuing the themes developed in "A Man's Grief"

Mother Work, an interview with Michael Gurian

John Lee on Anger, an interview with John Lee

Wallace Black Elk Speaks, an interview with Wallace Black Elk. For further discussion on the use of Native American traditions in Men's Work, see Native American Traditions.

Warriors and the Planet, an interview with Jed Diamond

Shadow Feminism and the Reunion of Men and Women, by Carolyn Baker, from book Hags, Witches and Ogres: The Healing and Creative Power of the Feminine Shadow

Wyrd Kids and Planetary Survival, by George Lynn, about boys and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Bobbitt: Blaming the Victim, by Bert H. Hoff

Gays: Guardians of the Gate, an interview with Malidoma Somé

Confessions of a Recovering Feminist, by Carolyn Baker

Back to the Future, by Jed Diamond. Implications of evolutionary biology.

Poetry and Personal Passion, by David Whyte

Honoring our Father, by George A. Parks

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