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If you look hard enough in your local bookstore, next to the "women's studies" wall, youn will find a small shelf devoted to men's issues. Audio tapes and videos are also available, if only you could find them. There is a lot of powerful material there for you. Here are book reviews, audio tape reviews and video reviews that might help you along your path. We did not list the two most-cited classics in the field, Robert Bly's Iron John(order on-line) and Sam Keen's Fire in the Belly,(order on-line) since, it seems, everybody knows about them.

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Not only is this a valuable service to our members, but it's a way of supporting MenWeb. MenWeb is a consistently money-losing volunteer "labor of love" on my part, because I stand firmly committed to making this information valuable to men. MenWeb receives a modest commission on every book ordered on-line. And offers almost-instant shipping, great service, total security, and even gift-wrapping services! So if you're thinking of getting a book for a friend, or you know of a book that another man "has to have," please consider ordering it through MenWeb

Book and Tape Reviews

Book cover

FatherLoss: How Sons of All Ages Come to Terms with the Deaths of their Dads, by Neil Chethik. Reviewed by J. Steven Svoboda. order on-line

FatherTime book cover

FatherTime: Stories on the Heart and Soul of Fathering, by Christopher Scribner, Ph.D. and Chris Frey. Reviewed by J. Steven Svoboda. order on-line

Boys and Girls Learn Differently!, by Michael Gurian. Reviewed by J. Steven Svoboda. order on-line

Free book! Jack Kammer, author of Good Will Toward Men, has come out with a new book If Men Have All the Power How Come Women Make the Rules? It seems that publishers are not anxious to take on a book like this, so Jack is offering it free for your download. It's an electronic versioin. readable with Adobe Acrobat (.PDF format).

Book cover

Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say: Destroying Myths, Creating Love , by Warren Farrell. Reviewed by J. Steven Svoboda. MenWeb also has the Introduction to the book, and an article comparing it to Susan Faludi's book Stiffed. (order on-line) Audio Cassette

Book cover

Contentment: A Way to True Happiness, by Robert A. Johnson and Jerry M. Ruhl. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff. "So what is contentment, and how do we find it? Johnson and Ruhl explore this theme brilliantly, through the use of the story of King Lear, myths and stories from other cultures, and anectodes from their own lives." (order on-line)

Book cover Book cover

Indigenous Wisdom. Reviews of two excellent books from Tarcher/Putnam: The Healing Wisdom of Africa: Finding Life Purpose Through Nature Ritual and Community by Malidoma Somé and Secrets of the Talking Jaguar: A Mayan Shaman's Journey to the Heart of the Indigenous Soul
by Martín Prechtel. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order Healing Wisdom of Africa on-line) (order Secrets of the Talking Jaguar on-line)

Second Adventure of Life tape cover

The Second Adventure of Life: Reinventing Mentors and Elders, an audio tape featuring Michael Meade. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line) Also hear MP3 WebCasts of segments from this tape.
Michael Meade's new tape is, itself, an imaginative and stimulating adventure. In it, he weaves together ideas from quantum physics, chaos theory, tribal wisdom traditions and archetypal psychology around the theme of elders and mentoring. He does so in startling and inventive ways.

Book cover

Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality by Cathy Young
A "dissident feminist" links feminist advocacy to the growing gender antagonism in politics, society, and culture--and proposes in its place a new focus on equality for both sexes.

Reviewd by Bert H. Hoff
(order on-line)

Book cover

The Maiden King: The Reunion of Masculine and Feminine, by Robert Bly and Marion Woodman. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line) Also check out Robert and Marion: Over a Decade of Magic in Working Together.

Book cover

Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths. The Surprising Truth About Fathers, Children, and Divorce, by Sanford L. Braver, Diane O'Connell. Synopsis and excerpts from review by Cathy Young (copyright © 1998 by The Detroit News) (order on-line)

Book cover

Drinking from the Sacred Well: Personal Voyages of Discovery With the Celtic Saints, by John Matthews. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

Book cover

Balancing Heaven and Earth: A Memoir, by Robert A. Johnson (with Jerry M. Ruhl). Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

Book cover

Fathering: Strengthening Connection With Your Children No Matter Where You Are, by Will Glennon. Reviewed by Craig Scott Weiss (order on-line)

Commitment: Fatherhood in Black America, by photographer Carole Patterson and others. Coffee-table book celebrating fathers. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

Book cover
Book cover

Books on Men's Health Basics Reviews of two books with good information on the "basics" about health and sex, the questions you may have been afraid to ask. The Male Body: An Owner's Guide and Sex: A Man's Guide. Also reviewed here: Stress Blasters and other Life Improvement Guides from Men's Health magazine.

Our Mothers' Spirits: On the Death of Mothers and the Grief of Men, anthology edited by Bob Blauner. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

Healing the Infertile Family: Strengthening Your Relationship in the Search for Parenthood, by Gay Becker. Reviewed by Matt Chamberlain. (order on-line)

While I Am Not Afraid: Secrets of a Man's Heart, by Peter Clothier. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff. (order on-line)

Men and Depression

Guns and Boyhood in America: A Memoir of Growing Up in the 50s, by Jonathan Holden. Reviewed by Paul Shaner. (order on-line)

Men and Depression: A book review and other info on Terry Real's I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression (men and depression).

Widower: When Men Are Left Alone, by Scott Campbell and Phyllis R. Silverman. Reviewed by J. Steven Svoboda. (order on-line)

Thriving: The Complete Minid/Body Guide for Optimal Health and Fitness for Men, by Dr. Robert Ivker and Edward Zorensky. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

Character and Destiny tape

Hear a MP3 excerpt

Swallowed by a Snake, an audio tape featuring grief expert and therapist Tom Golden on how men grieve differently from women. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order direct from MenWeb)

Character and Destiny: Authentic Threads in Life, an audio tape featuring James Hillman and Michael Meade. Recorded live at Seattle Art Museum, October 1996 and based on James Hillman's book The Soul's Code. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order direct from MenWeb)

Tell It By Heart: Women and the Healing Power of Story, by Erica Helm Meade. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

The New Intimacy: Discovering the Magic at the Heart of Your Differences, by Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and James Sniechowski, Ph.D. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women Work and Sex Desire, by David Deida. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)
Free abridged eBook: details here.

It's A Guy Thing: An Owner's Manual for Women , by David Deida Reviewed by J. Steven Svoboda(order on-line)

Book cover

Warren Farrell, The Myth of Male Power. (cassette version) Review by J. Steven Svoboda. Order on-line. Also read Mr. Svoboda's interview with Warren Farrell. Order on-line

Male Menopause, by Jed Diamond. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

Book cover

William Alexander, A Father's Book of the Spirit. Order on-line

Male Menopause, by Jed Diamond. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)


The Sibling Society, by Robert Bly. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

Classics Now in Paperback. by Bert H. Hoff. Allan Chinen's Beyond the Hero, John Lee's At My Father's Wedding (now The Wounded Lover), and Aaron Kipnis and Liz Herron's Gender War, Gender Peace (now What Women and Men Really Want).

Men Healing Shame: An Anthology. Review by Bert H. Hoff. (order on-line)

Another Way Home: A Single Father's Story, by John Thorndike. Review by Halim Dunsky. (order on-line)

Talking With our Brothers: Creating and Sustaining a Dynamic Men's Group by George M. Taylor.

Books on Men's Groups. Interested in starting a men's group? Need something to hold your group together? Shepherd Bliss' review of two excellent books is still timely.

Robert Bly and Marion Woodman, On Men and Women. Very powerful 6-part videotape series. Our Bly/Woodman discussion groups are very successful.

Andrew Kimbrell, The Masculine Mystique: The Politics of Masculinity. (order on-line)

Aaron Kipnis, Knights Without Armor. Still one of the classics on what Men's Work is all about. (order on-line)

Joseph Jastrab, Sacred Manhood, Sacred Earth. A Quest into the Wilderness of a Manís Heart. Powerful and moving.

Allan B. Chinen, Beyond the Hero: Classic Stories of Men in Search of Soul. Very well-done, thought-provoking. (order on-line)

Allan B. Chinen, Once Upon a Midlife: Classic Stories and Mythic Tales to Illuminate the Middle Years Enjoyable, often funny. Alan captures the essence of what this Menís Work is all about. (order on-line)

Aaron Kipnis and Elizabeth Herron, Gender War, Gender Peace. Highly-recommended book on gender issues. Republished as What Women and Men Really Want: Creating Deeper Understanding and Love in Our Relationships (order on-line)

Malidoma Somé, Of Water and the Spirit. Initiated Dagara tribesman tells his story. Book Audio Cassette

Michael Meade, Men and the Water of Life. Deep and powerful, full of poractical insight on soul-work; will challenge you to go deep within yourself. (order on-line)

John Lee, Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately. Well-done, practical, very readable, fresh insights on men's anger. (order on-line)

Douglas M. Gillette, Primal Love: Reclaiming Our Instincts for Lasting Passion (New York, NY: St. Martinís Press, 1995). Highly readable book on the implications of evolutionary biology ("the million-year-old man") on our relationships. (Hardbound out of print) Audio cassettes

Robert A. Johnson, Owning Your Own Shadow. A very important and very readable book. This column also reviews Robert Bly's A Little Book on the Human Shadow and a Tarcher/Putnam anthology, Meeting the Shadow. (order on-line)

Robert Moore and Doug Gillette on the King, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover. Classics.

David Whyte, The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America. Powerfully and well-done, on difficult topic. (order on-line)

James Hillman, Kinds of Power: A Guide to Its Intelligent Uses. (order on-line)

Healing From Child Sexual Abuse: Book Reviews. by Scott Abraham, a survivor himself.

Michael Meade, Thresholds of Change: Finding Purpose and Inner Authority in Troubled Times. Tape: Michael Meade on Elder Energy.

Malidoma and Sobonfu Somé, We Have No Word for Sex: An Indigenous View of Intimacy. Tape: fascinating and insightful.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, How to Love a Woman. Tape. (order on-line) (Other Estťs tapes and books)

James Hollis, Under Saturn's Shadow. The Wounding and Healing of Men. (order on-line)

Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge, Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women's Studies (order on-line).

Thomas Moore, Thomas Moore on Creativity. Tape. Author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates offers fresh views on the creative process. (order on-line)

Robert A. Johnson, Lying with the Heavenly Woman. Understanding and Integrating the Feminine Archetypes in Menís Lives. (order on-line)

Robert A. Johnson, The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden. Understanding and Integrating the Feminine Archetypes in Menís Lives. (order on-line)

Patrick M. Arnold, Wildmen, Warriors and Kings: Masculine Spirituality and the Bible . New York: Crossroad, 1991) (order on-line)

Gregory Max Vogt, Return to Father: Archetypal Dimensions of the Patriarch . (Dallas, TX: Spring, 1991) (order on-line)

Lust and Life: Unearthing Our Authentic Selves, by Ted Senecal. Review of Sex and Spirit, on gay spirituality.

Books on Men's Work with a Christian perspective, by Bert H. Hoff

David Blankenhorn, Fatherless in America. Order on-line

Dr. Sam Osherson, Passions of Fatherhood. Order on-line

Jack Kammer, Good Will Towards Men. Order on-line

Eugene R. August, The New Menís Studies: A Selected and Annotated Interdisciplinary Bibliography (Englewood CO: Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 1994)(2nd Edition). Order on-line

Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash, The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Fathers-To-Be. (New York, NY: Abbeville Press, 1995) Order on-line

Except as noted, book reviews are by Bert H. Hoff, Editor.

Native American Traditions


Oral Tradition. Rick Chelew. Audio tape series of Malidoma and Sobonfu Somé, other classic tapes of seminars with Robert Bly, Michael Meade, and James Hillman - good tapes on Men's Work.

Ally Press Center. Mail order company featuring mythopoetic books and tapes, and specializing in Robert Bly's works. Free newsletter. 1-800-729-3002. Click here to go to their Web on-line catalog - but please come back! (They have a link back to us at the bottom of their Home Page.)

Applewood Communications. Source of Bly/Woodman On Men and Women videotape series. 1-800-361-0541.The Applewood Centre for Spiritual Studies Applewood, producer of the Robert Bly/Marion Woodman videotape series "On Men and Women" reviewed in this magark, has a Web site prividing resources for the inner journey, soul work and transformational learning. Home of the Bly/Woodman and Sam Keen video series, Applewood also offers on-line "learning circles" guided by exceptional facilitators.

Inner City Books. This small Jungian publishing house has many books for men, including Eugene Monk's Phallos and James Hollis' Under Saturn's Moon, as well as Marion Woodman's books. 1-800-444-2524 (ext. 12)

Tom Golden has a Web site he calls "Crisis, Grief & Healing". It has more of his writing on men and grief, information on him, and information about his book Swallowed by a Snake. His vision is that his Place to Honor Grief will also be a place to share and dialog on men and grief.

Jack Kammer, author of Good Will Toward Men, has a Web site that contains excerpts from the book and describtions of media resistance to it.

Limbus. Michael Meade's book and tape store. Vashon Island. (206) 463-9387. Mosaic Multicultural Foundation Michael Meade's site for Voices of Youth, Voices of Community. 206-935-3665. 1-800-233-6984. 4218-1/2 SW Alaska, Suite H, Seattle, WA 98116

Sounds True Recordings. Many good tapes on inner work, soul work, and Jungian psychology. Home of an extensive series of tapes by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, and many good tapes on Men's Work. Free catalog includes interesting and informative interviews. 1-800-333-9185


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