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Carl Tristan Magedera, from the UK, is a survivor of 13 years of incest. He says this poem reflects where he is today

Copyright © 2000 by Carl Tristan Magedera


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The mist is beginning to clear..

I wont tell you my fears,

I need more time to sort myself out

you have been that pillar I wanted


All of us were innocent when we we born, and maybe we still are..

it is just we are born into the jungle where natures thorns are sharp

we develop our skins to lessen the hurt

and play games to make us feel better


We cannot help what we do

until we understand why we do it

and even then it calls for the understanding and time of those around us

those not taught as children, may learn from those that were


No one wastes time: everyone uses time as they need to

some may die young some may die old

but we all contribute to makethis world a better place

with each conribution as vital as valid and as important as the next.



natures thorns

lessen the hurt











Help us help men
Every $20 helps!

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