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Join in on lively discussions of issues that affect men's lives. New home for members of the former Men's Community on MSN, and a place for MenWeb readers to meet other people and talk about what's on their minds. Read posts about stuff you're interested in, and post a reply. Check back later and see who has responded. Or post to start a new thread on a topic you're interested, and see what responses you get. Or just "lurk" and enjoy the conversations.

Click on the link to the left, or set up a new account in your newsreader: When it lists the newsgroups, pick Or, use this link: news://

You can use your favorite newsreader - IE, Netscape, Forte or whatever. Works like a Usenet or former MSN Communities newsgroup, and you can post in HTML.

By participating in the AnnexCafe Men's BBS, by "lurking" or by posting, you agree to abide by the AnnexCafe "Terms of Use" and the guidelines of the Men's BBS newsgroup. Click here to review those guideliines.

Chat Room

3 ways to get there:
1. On a Web page:
Click here to go to Annex Cafe
Select "Channels"
and look for #MansHeart
2. Set your chat program to "" and look for the #MansHeart channel (room).
3. to go directly into the chatroom with MSChat,
click here

Need a chat program?
Click here

Join the chats on MansHeart, part of MenWeb. "The world needs a man's heart." A place for men and women to talk about things that are important in the lives of men, share ideas on relationships, and hear men's perspectives on issues that affect us all.

Live and intactive. Drop in and see who's in the chat room now.

Special Guests From time to tiime we'll have Special Guests. We'll announce them on this page. So check back to see what's going on.

You can use any chat program. A lot of our chatters use MSChat or Pirch, but any IRC-compliant chat program will work.

Right now, our lead host is Mark Hoover, "Coyote V," and there's room for other volunteer hosts. There aren't yet any "regular hours" or "regular topics," but someone is likely to be there most evenings.

These are moderated chats. There's no requirement of "political correctness" or censorship of views. But there is an expectation of courtesy and civility, even when the discussion gets heated. No insults, name-calling, or excess profanity. It's also a place to talk about stuff, not a "pick up room." Please read the Terms of Use that apply to our MansHeart chatroom and all the other chatrooms at The Annex Cafe.

Help us help men
Every $20 helps!

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