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Continuing The Discussion

We have two suggestions to aid in the process of creating a public dialogue:


Write us. Our addresses are with our articles . Write M.E.N. Magazine. Or send e-mail to Send letters and articles. Join the dialog on the Internet. M.E.N. Magazine's World Wide Web at has these articles, in the section "Where is Men's Work Going," and will post your responses. Write other men's publications. Insist that the passion and openness of this debate be part of their publication.


Another idea is to have your men's council, center or organization use the two issues as a study guide. Take one article each meeting and spend a few minutes reading it. After you are done ask yourself four questions:

1. Our the ideas brought to light in the article part of my experience?

2. Before I read the article what were my attitudes about the subject matter?

3. Has the article changed my perceptions?

4. How do we as a group and how do I as an individual deal with the issues raised?

Spend at least a half hour discussing the article. For the last ten minutes spend time discussing the most important idea that you learned in the discussion and what is one thing you can do. Let me know the results of your study.

The Future

Responses to these articles will be posted in M.E.N. Magazine's Internet World Wide Web magark at in order to further the dialog.

In six months we hope to publish in M.E.N. Magazine some of the best responses. In order for the response to be published it will need to be less then 800 words. Please send your responses to:

Andre Heuer
5609 Vincent Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410

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