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This is the Problem

Commentary on 2 Men Jailed for a Year on Rape Charges Proven False

© 1999 by John Sample
This article is dedicated to my good friend Paul Shaner who passed away on May 18th, 1999.
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On May 21, 1999 The News Tribune of Tacoma WA, and May 22, 1999 The Seattle Times both ran stories about two men who were released from jail after having been convicted on charges of rape. Both articles detail how the alleged victim claimed the rape occurred sometime between May 16th and May 18th of 1998. The two falsely convicted rapists were exonerated when it was uncovered that the supposed victim was in jail two of these three days. Furthermore, one of the falsely convicted rapists was also in jail during an overlapping period of the same time frame. These two supportable (by government records) facts made it virtually impossible for the "crime" to have happened as the "victim" had claimed. And here lies the problem that all men face.

In today's anti-male hysteria, it is possible to create a case against a man out of thin air. It is further possible for the prosecutors office to "concoct enough evidence out of thin air" in order to convict a man of a gender crime with virtually no verifiable evidence.

A look at some of the details of this case can shed a light on the sad state of justice in our gender biased legal system.

The first and most glaring flaw in this case is, the fact that this woman never even reported the rape. According to the Times, the "detectives didn't talk to her about it until August, when they were led to" her "on a tip." Furthermore the Times goes on, there was no evidence of an assault, the woman wavered on recalling evidence, and she even failed to pick a supposed third man from photographs.

Then what evidence was there? Well, according to the Times, King County Deputy Prosecutor Dave Ryan believed the woman's "vivid story." In fact, again according to the Times, he "felt it was quite compelling".

This is the problem. There was no evidence. There were no witnesses. Even the day of the crime was not known. But some how a woman's "compelling" story is worth more that a man's word. In this case a woman's story is worth more than two men's words.

This is the problem. The prosecutors office in combination with an entire array of women's advocates (mostly paid by government funds) can concoct a case against any man at any time. It simply does not need to be true, it only needs to be "compelling" in order to convict a man.

This is the problem. The legal system in this country, after over thirty years of one sided gender legislation, is female biased. It does not matter what the issue it is. It could be divorce, alimony (spousal support), child custody, malicious and/or false charges of sex abuse, malicious and/or false charges of any sex crime, malicious and/or false charges sexual harassment or many others. The simple fact is, the present legal when it comes to issues of gender is broken and in bad need of repair.

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