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Books on Fatherhood

Recommended by the King County Public Library

List compiled by Craig Scott Weiss for the King County (Seattle-area) Public Library


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Craig Scott Weiss, who contributes to MenWeb on fatherhood issues, recently collaborated with the King County (Seattle-area) Public Library on a book list to support fathers. Here's what he came up with. We added links, so you can order these books on-line from the MenWeb bookstore. Or, print the list out and go to your public library. In any event, we encourage men across the country to do what Craig has done, stimulate your public library to support fathers by providing them with the resources they need. Thanks for your work, Craig, and thanks to the King County Public Library for their permission to use this list. Craig is the author of Holding Levi's Hand.


Being a father is an important job. Here are suggested titles to help with parenting

Becoming A Father

Shapiro, J.
The Measure of a Man: Becoming the Father You Wish Your Father Had Been
Insightfully explores the differences in parenting styles between men and women and how children need both to develop into well rounded adults.
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Louv, R.
Through extensive interviews, Louv unravels and reveals a new vision of fatherhood as a way for a man to discover his masculinity.
Out-of-print: Request search

Glennon, W.
A love story told through the hearts and voices of over 100 fathers and children. This book reveals what the father-child bond is all about.
Craig's MenWeb review
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Heinowitz, J.
Pregnant Fathers: Becoming the Father You Want to Be
Practical help about birth, intimacy and problem solving for you and your partner, Explores what a man goes through as he experiences his family's pregnancy.
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Brott, A.
The Expectant Father
A month by month guide to the emotional, financial and physical changes a father will go through during the course of his partner's pregnancy.
MenWeb review
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Marzollo, J.
Fathers and Toddlers: How Toddlers Grow and What They Need from You from 18 Months to Three Years
This helpful, humorous guide will help fathers care for their children during their "terrible two's," between the ages of eighteen months and three years.
Out-of-print: Request search

Lamb, M.
Role of the Father in Child Development
An up-to-date summary of the current research on how fathers influence and affect their children's social, emotional and intellectual development.
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Thieving, T.
Mothering and Fathering: The Gender Differences in Child Rearing
Gender-specific childbearing differences that parents of both sexes need to understand to raise healthy children.
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Helium, D.
Raising A Son: Parents and the Making of a Healthy Man
Raising A Daughter
These two books explore the parenting skills needed to address the developmental differences in raising children of both sexes.
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Sultan, A.
The Father's Almanac
A general "how to" for dads. Everything from diaper changing, toy repairing and disciplining, to building effective relationships with their children. Good practical information of particular interest to new and single dads.
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Canfield, K.
The Heart of a Father: How Dads Can Shape the Destiny of America
The President of the National Center for Fathering challenges men to examine their hearts and explore their relationship to their father. Canfield sees four active "I Can's" for fathers: involvement, consistency, awareness and nurturance.
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Pruett, K.
The Nurturing Father: Journey Toward the Complete Man
A groundbreaking, readable study of the impact on children, mothers, and fathers when fathers take on the primary childrearing role. Author supports the fact that fathers are as capable as mothers in providing the primary parenting for children.
Out-of-print: Request search

Different Types of Fathers

Barret, R.
Gay Fathers
With scientific findings and personal anecdotes and case histories, this book explores the struggles that gay fathers and their extended families face in raising children. Excellent source for additional information and resources.
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Meyer, D.
Uncommon Fathers: Reflections on raising a child with a disability
Compelling stories by fathers who share what it is like to have a child with a disability.
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Different Types of Fathers (cont.)

Lindsay, J.
Teen Dads: Rights, Responsibilities and Joys
Practical information for new fathers committed to being involved with their child whether or not they continue the relationship with the mother.
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Cerquone, J.
You're a Stepparent...Now What?: A Guide to Parenting in Families With Nonbiological Children
Practical advise for stepmothers and fathers on how to appropriately and positively assume your new role.
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De Toledo, S.
Grandparents as Parents: A Survival Guide for Raising a Second Family
Many grandparents are finding themselves short or long-term parents often as an out-growth of families broken by breakdown and tragedy.
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Single Fatherhood/Divorce/Legal Issues

Warshak, R.
The Custody Revolution
Definitive book on child custody issues.
THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. The publisher is out of stock. If you would like to purchase this title, we recommend that you occasionally check to see if it's been reprinted.

Smith, C.W.
Will They Love Me When I Leave?: A Weekend Father's Struggle to Stay Close to His Kids
A personal memoir of a divorced, weekend father's struggle to stay close to his kids.
Out-of-print: Request search

Greif, G.
The Daddy Track and the Single Father
Single fathers share their experiences, tips and advise on raising children alone.
Out-of-print: Request search

Bernstein, R.
Divorced Dad's Handbook: 100 Questions & Answers
The question and answer format of this book will make the answers accessible about being a divorced dad.
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Mayer, G.
The Divorced Dad Dilemma: A Father's Guide to Understanding Grieving, & Growing Beyond the Losses of Divorce & to Developing a Deeper, Ongoing Relationship ...
Help for dads going through a divorce: legal and emotional issues, asking for and getting help, intimacy and how to move on with your life.
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Ricci, I.
Mom's House, Dad's House: Making shared custody work
A practical guide explaining how parents can make both parents' homes a safe haven for their children after divorce.
Out-of-print: Request search

Becoming A Man

Becoming a father may initiate a further exploration of what it means to be a man.

Kivel, P.
Men's Work
Explores anger as it relates to being male.

Stoop, D.
Making Peace With Your Father
Introductory, practical information to help men and women explore and heal the relationship with their dads.
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Keen, S.
Fire in the Belly: On becoming a man
Philosophical, spiritual and emotional fires that can guide you if you listen. An old friend you will consult again and again.
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Nerburn, K.
Letters to My Son: Reflections on becoming a man
The modern day equivalent of Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
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Gurian, M.
Mothers, Sons, and Lovers
Confronting and healing our relationship with our mother, using ritual archetypal metaphors, ancient myths and stories.
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Lee, John.
At My Father's Wedding
An inward journey of self-discovery. Letting go of the loss of our missing fathers, embracing a new, positive experience of manhood.
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Last updated 15 Sept 1998

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Craig Scott Weiss is a friend, a bro, and Daddy to Levi. Craig spent 17 years criss crossing America selling T-shirts at concerts and sports events. He is an active volunteer in efforts to support and encourage fathers, who has rearranged his life to spend more time with Levi. Craig is collecting information on resources for fathers: 784-3170.

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