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Battered men - 835,000 a year, silent no more.
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Jed Diamond on Men and Depression

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Robert BlyNo two Bly events are alike, but all are similar in their aim and intent: to awaken the soul from its animal instincts. Here is an account of one Bly event in drawings and words. A Weekend with Robert Bly.

Are you a man who is overstressed, frustrated, and angry? Are you a woman who walks on egg shells afraid you will set him off? Is your relationship suffering? Read more in Jed Diamond's article on Irritable Male Syndrome.

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Men share secrets of marriage successSecrets of Marriage Success featuring Dr. Scott Haltzman. Part 2 now posted. Winning Your Wife’s Heart Forever: Eight Ways to Have and Hold the Prize

Dr. Robert HughesKids and Divorce The impacts of divorce on children

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VoiceMale book coverWhat Husbands Really Think About Their Marriages, Their Wives, Sex, Housework, and Commitment

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