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Our readers tell us that the most powerful part of the magazine is men telling their own stories. Our fathers die. We are torn by divorce. We see a friend die. Our father was not there.

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As Marita Berg points out so well in her song "Stories,"
  All I have to give is to share is my story
All I have to give is to sing my song ...
All the threads of story weave a fabric that's whole,
All the songs when sung make a symphony
Sometimes I feel it
Sometimes I don't
The lesson for me is to let go and trust ..
And as we hear each other's stories, we share the true wisdom that each of us has ... the wisdom of the truths of our own experiences.

Here are some men's stories which we have recently published. Our readers have found them powerful and insightful. I hope you do, as well.


The Father I Carry With Me, by Fred Moramarco

Golf (a father story) by Chris Frey

Rebel Without a Clue On having tattoos removed. By Perry Gaidurgis

Drum Circle by T. Namaya

Perpetrators, Victims and Survivors by Veronica Monet

My Story of Lost Masculinity. by John Trentalange

Conversations in a Treehouse. A man who signs him self as "Adam," a regular participant on the MenWeb Men's BBS, offers "Conversations in a Treehouse," a moving story about men and friendships.

Elden's Story. by Elden Owen

Dad: Three Essays, by Steven Lerner

Diapers Have Two Sides, by David C. Duncan

The Million Year Mensch, by Jeff Hengst

Bitter Medicine, by Tim Merritt

About Socks, by Malcomb Davidson

Fathers Day in the Projects, by Dean Hughson

A Girl and a Harp, by Peter Berry

Farewell To My Son, by Paul Donnelly

Stigmatized, by T.A. Delmore

Surviving and Living, by Scott Abraham

The Other Son, by Sheldon F. Katz, Ed.D

The Fathers I Found in the Woods, by Donald Davidson

Incoming, by Chris Reinertsen

Pop's Farm, by Dan Frizzell

Holding Levi's Hand, by Craig Scott Weiss

My Mother's Journal, by Larry Hill

December 4, 1984, by James Dolan

Arm in Arm, by John Thorndike

My Last Prostitute, by Hugo Piottin

My Father's Hand, by R. "On-the-Road Coyote" Prosapio

Take Care of Your Mother - Or Else, by Scott Abraham

Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold, by Scott Abraham

Discipline: An Essay and Poems by Patrick Nolan

Fishing With Dad by L.W. Strand

Rows of Corn by Robert Allbee

Remembering Pops by Daniel Lorey

Tales from the Coffee Shop: A Tale of Two Couples by Greg Sherk

I Saw a Friend Die by Ken Lysen

Soulknapping by Geoff Kelso

A Personal Myth by Charles Mish

On Finding My Way in the Dark by Regal Watson

Dad and Apple Pie by Keith Artz

The Case of the Coma by Glenn Leichman

A Ritual for my Father by Bert H. Hoff

Rooftops by Kendal Steffa

Let us know what you think. Email to the Editor and WebMaster Send us an e-mail! Tell us what you think! What worked? What didn't work?

Help us help men
Every $20 helps!

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