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Mentor Magazine

Mentor Magazine was a nationally-noted quarterly men's journal published out of Portland, Oregon. It was published by Alan Winter and edited by Dick Gilkeson, and set a standard for excellence in the eight years it was published. Mentor continues as a section in the Portland community newspaper Connexions. MenWeb is proud to publish articles from past issues of Mentor as a monument and an acknowledgement of the good work that Alan, Dick and the men of the Mentor collective did.

We have pulled together a number of articles from Mentor for MenWeb, and will be adding more articles as we're able to convert them into HTML. Keep checking this page!

Mentor has an excellent compendium of the best articles from their first 25 issues, The Best of Mentor, Vol. 1, with over 60 articles and 14 poems. For more information, e-mail Dick Gilkeson or write him at 16448 NW McNamee Road, Portland OR 97231.


 Sometimes Its OK to Have Ice Cream, Copyright © 1995 by John D. Goldhammer.

 The Other Son, Copyright © 1995 by Sheldon F. Katz, Ed.D. A personal story.

 The Rules, Copyright © 1995 by Patrick W. Crockett. Challenges the view that men are "left-brained" and women "right-brained." Maybe we have that backwards!

 The Father Challenge, Copyright © 1995 by Kent Cumbo. On being a father.

 Father Spell, Copyright © 1995 by Paul Levy. Impact of fathers on our lives and our personal growth, from a Jungian perspective.

 Foster Dad, Copyright © 1995 by Neal Lemery.

 A Letter to My Father, Copyright © 1995 by R.W. Klamm.

 Fishing with Dad, Copyright © 1995 by L.W. Strand.

 Sometimes Its OK to Have Ice Cream, Copyright © 1995 by John D. Goldhammer.

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