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Native Heart

An American Indian Odyssey

by Gabriel Horn (White Deer of Autumn)
Book review Copyright © 1995 by Bert H. Hoff

Gabriel Horn (White Deer of Autumn), Native Heart: An American Indian Odyssey (San Rafael, CA: New World Library, 1994). Order on-line


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Native Heart: An American Indian Odyssey
by Gabriel Horn (White Deer of Autumn)
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This book is a deeply moving story of a Native Americanís attempt to walk a sacred path in 20th century America. Gabriel writes of his attempted suicide as a young college student, when he despaired of being able to resist the greed and power of the "shadow people" (anglos) after being questioned ad gunpoint and interrogated with punches to the solar plexus for protesting against a local bank's use of "Savvy Seminole" on a billboard. He talks of the first time he brought the sacred pipe into the Stillwater maximum security prison in Minnesota. He describes his first vision quest. He "failed" because he had not yet dealt with his anger and his fear.

He describes his loving relationship with his wife and small children, and his attempts to instill in them the beauty and sacredness of the traditions of his ancestors. And the hostility he received from reservation Indians and the BIA when he taught in a reservation school and later in an AIM (American Indian Movement) school. The night the Ancestors joined them when he did a nighttime pipe ceremony at the Ghost Dance exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He describes the power of the sacred pipe. Most of all, he tells a fascinating story of one manís attempt to find a path of beauty, spirituality and harmony with the Earth.

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