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The Neutering of the Modern Male

© 2001 by Don Fowler


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TV and motion pictures have moved with ever increasing speed to presenting the male as a vile, inept, untrustworthy, dumb, bumbling, and easily manipulated animal that always thinks through the penis. This has gotten so pervasive and accepted that females have come to expect it of their mates. The male may have reached the point of acceptance of these traits as "just being a man".

There are many examples one could use to demonstrate how far things have gone. Let’s examine just a few of these current media products.

First, would be the popular TV comedy series, Everyone Loves Raymond. In this series, Ray’s wife and his mother are portrayed as humorless, domineering, and conniving women. Ray constantly demonstrates submissive behavior toward both women. In no episode, to date, has his wife ever accepted Ray as an equal, respected, nor loved partner. She constantly dominates him with an obvious "I’m smarter than you" attitude. Any time he expresses his opinions or thoughts, he receives glares and is dismissed out of hand. He is constantly cajoled into lying to others to protect some scheme or plot of his wife or his mother. His father has been so beaten down by his mother that the father figure is also shown as an inept and powerless person.

Another ‘comedy’ series is the HBO Mind of a Married Man. In this series current episodes have the man and wife in the middle of a kitchen remodel. The wife totally disregards the husband’s needs during this remodeling. He comes home from each workday to a house in chaos from the remodeling crew, he accidentally knocks over some things in the kitchen and is tossed out by his wife for being disruptive. She never asks his opinion about any decisions being made as part of the remodel. She is absorbed by the remodeling and never demonstrates any concern for him.

He, on the other hand, is under attack at the office by his assistant who is attempting to seduce him. He is getting no support or affection at home and is slowly weakening to the assistant’s advances. He succumbs to quick kisses and is thinking about an affair.

He arrives home to find his wife completely hammered from smoking dope with the remodeling contractor. Since he is thinking about an affair himself, and has received no affection, nor support from his ‘loving’ wife recently, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that the contractor is trying to make it with his wife and his wife is willing. He accuses them both and she immediately assumes the dominant role (familiar ground, eh?) to turn the tables on him and accuse him of having an affair if he could even think she would. She refuses to talk to him for at least one episode even after he apologizes for his outburst. Why is he apologizing for being treated like a piece of furniture that is just in the way? This series is now leading toward the husband completely caving into the wife’s position and groveling for her forgiveness.

The final example of the media’s neutering of the male is a movie that recently aired on the Women’s Entertainment (WE) channel. If men have not seen any of the programming airing on this channel, please take time to do. The channel is presenting material for women that is both ludicrous and dangerous to men. WE aired a movie titled Imogen’s Face. In this little ditty a husband finds out that his wife who recently had twins has been having an affair with an older man since her fourth month of pregnancy. The wife to almost every question posed by the cuckold husband. She lies about the fact the affair was going on while she carried the husband’s babies. She lied about the fact that the affair had occasionally involved their home and marital bed. She lied about meeting the lover under the pretext of visiting her sister in another town. She lied.

The story shows this husband attempting reconciliation many times only to be rejected by his wife. His wife eventually leaves him and her new born babies to run off to Ireland with her older lover.

The twist on this movie is that in the last fifteen minutes of the story, the wife is made to look like the victim! She blames everyone for wrecking her life. She states that if the affair had not been uncovered, she could have had both her family and her lover for a long time and "manage" to please both her husband and her lover. What the heck is wrong with this picture sports fans? Here is a movie that presents the moral that lying and cheating are acceptable just don’t get caught.

With these types of entertainment being aired, does the male have a prayer of maintaining any sense of power or self-respect? We are being brainwashed into becoming cowed, dumb, stereotyped less than respected beings. In a few generations it may be that males are just so many pieces of furniture that can be re-arranged or sold at the whim of the ‘woman of the house’.

There are many more examples of media stereotyping of male. Such as Sex in The City but that will be reserved for another article!

In conclusion it may well be beneficial to male survival to carefully observe the content of the media being watched by your wife or lover. We must also stop cowing to the female and take stands when we truly feel slighted or becoming that ‘piece of furniture’.

We cannot allow ourselves to be molded into the stereotype seen on so many TV series and movies today.


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