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An Open Call to the Men's Movement

This page lists articles attempting to stimulate a dialog between feminists, pro-feminists and the "mythopoetic men's movement."
After O.J.: An Open Call to the Men's Movement

Mike Dash, a founding member of Seattle Men Against Sexual Harassment and member of Seattle NOW, who is also active in mythopoetic Men's Work, issued a call in our November issue for men to become more activist.

Furthering a Dialog: A Response to Dash Dash's article precipitated a thoughful response from Wahhab Baldwin.

"In the November issue of M.E.N. Magazine, Mike Dash attempted to start a dialog between the mythopoetic and pro-feminist arms of the men's movement. I would like to accept his offer and further that dialog by responding to his article. In the process I hope to shed more light than heat on the issues involved."

... "I have a vision of women who honor the feminine, who would be happy to work with and support those of us men who are working to honor the masculine. Creating this harmonious polarity would strengthen us all and bypass the isolating antagonisms of self-victimizing, blame, and guilt. Together we could create families and workplaces which nurture their members and slowly heal our culture. ... I am convinced that developing my authentic masculine voice is the most effective healing action which I can take at this time, both for myself and for my society."

A Reply to Mike Dash

Jon Pielmeier, who operates the Men's Information Network bulletin board in Seattle,also responded to Mike Dash, seeking ways for men and women to oppose all violence. " I condemn violence directed towards women and support the work that is being done to help female victims of violence. I believe that we need to augment the work being done by supporting male victims as well."

A counter-proposal to Mike Dash, Letter to the Editor from Robert T. Weverka

In order to stimulate discussion between pro-feminists and the "mythopoetic" men's movement, M.E.N. Magazine posted an announcement in the Internet Usegroups SOC.MEN and SOC.FEMINISM about call to the men's movement from a pro-feminist, and a response which seeks to further the dialog. The announcement was rejected by the moderator of the SOC.FEMINISM Usenet group.

Click here to see the announcement, the rejection letter, and the reply from the editor of M.E.N. Magazine.

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