Letter from Robert T. Weverka

To the Editor:

I agree with what was said in the response (from Jon Pielemeier) to Mike Dash’s article ("An Open Call to the Men’s Movement," Nov. ‘94), and in the reply letter (from Wahhab Baldwin.)(both in Jan. 1995 issue) I wanted to write to point out what was not said there.

Mike Dash sought the joining of the mythopoetic and pro-feminism arms of the men's movements. Unfortunately, in calling for working together on common ground, he chose a contentious issue, domestic violence, one that each side sees differently. And the responses to Dash point out how they disagree with him.

What was left out is the counter offer.

Are there issues on which these groups can find agreement, and answer the call? At least the more broadly spoken call in the authors preface to his article?

I submit that in the men's-rights movement we can come together with not only pro-feminism but also with feminism itself (need we really make all these distinctions?).

So Dash chose the wrong issue. How about countering with the suggestion of another issue on which we can agree to work together. Here are a couple suggestions. There are many more, I hope this dialogue is just a start.

Genital mutilation: We can agree that this needless procedure is wrong and work to reduce its practice for men in the U.S. and for women in Africa.

Health Care: We will use more women as subjects in drug trials so that we know the gender specific effects, and we will encourage men to utilize health services more to help catch up on the disparity in life expectancy.

Robert T. Weverka

Colorado (by e-mail, weverka@drip.colorado.edu)

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