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Updated 1/20/99

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Commitment: Fatherhood in Black America, by photographer Carole Patterson and others. Coffee-table book celebrating fathers. Reviewed by Bert H. Hoff (order on-line)

Updated 5/20/98

National Men's Health Week, the week before Fathers Day, is coming up. Our National Men's Health Week page features a lead article Do We Care More About Saving Whales Than Saving Males? by Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of The Myth of Male Power and Why Men Are the Way They Are. This article is first published on MenWeb. And we've added 4 new articles from the federal Food and Drug Administration, on protatae cancer and PSA tests, testicular self-examination, condoms and hair replacement.

Updated 5/14/98

Our Sons, Our Schools by Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of The Myth of Male Power and Why Men Are the Way They Are. This article is first published on MenWeb.

 Terrance Real,
I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression.
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New section: Men and Depression
Book review: I Don't Want to Talk About It, by Terrance Real. Review by Bert H. Hoff, from Vol. 1 #2 of Men's Voices.
Other info on men and depression

Depression is often viewed as a predominantly female affliction. But this may be because the condition is often overlooked and misunderstood with respect to men. According to Terrance Real, with covert depression you don't see the depression. What you see are the footprints of depression or the defenses a man is using to run from it. We see it in self medication, isolation and lashing out. Self-medication may be drinking, drugging, womanizing and even watching excessive amounts of television. Some forms of self medication are tolerated by our culture so it is hard to get across that what these men are doing is stabilizing depression. His advice? Get help. Get help. Get help. Depression is highly treatable and these men need therapy. Unfortunately, covertly depressed men rarely seek help on their own. It is almost always the people around them who persuade them to initiate therapy.

Updated 4/27/98

Book cover
Balancing Heaven and Earth: A Memoir.
by Robert A. Johnson
(with Jerry M. Ruhl)
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Book review: Balancing Heaven and Earth: A Memoir, by Robert A. Johnson (with Jerry M. Ruhl). Review by Bert H. Hoff, from Vol. 1 #2 of Men's Voices.

Iíve been both moved and influenced by James Hillmanís The Soulís Code. It intertwines the themes of the diamons that guide our lives in mysterious ways and the call to each of us to find our own authentic character and destiny.

And then I pick up Robert A. Johnsonís autobiography, Balancing Heaven and Earth. This fascinating and captivating personal story dramatically mirrors The Soulís Code. Robertís life turns out to be a perfect life-example of how the daimons work in a personís life.

Robert does a masterful job of weaving together two themes, the "Golden World" and the "slender thread." Itís not the encounters with Carl Jung, Krishnamurti or the other sages, saints and sinners that makes this book come alive, fascinating though these are. Itís Robertís own story of his inner journey and his encounters with the daimons.

Updated 4/22/98

Intimacy and the Magic of Differences, an interview with Jim Sniechowski and Judith Sherven, authors of The New Intimacy: Discovering the Magic at the Heart of Our Differences, by Bert H. Hoff and Scott Abraham, from Vol. 1 #2 of Men's Voices.

Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence, by Philip W. Cook, based on his book of the same title.

Circumcision A Barbaric Practice, A Human Rights Violation by J. Steven Svoboda.

Book review of Widower: When Men Are Left Alone by Scott Campbell and Phyllis R. Silverman. Book review by J. Steven Svoboda

Updated 4/18/98

One Man's World: Men Questioning Feminism are Bitter Woman-Haters. Column from forthcoming Vol. 1 #2 of Men's Voices journal. Topics: NOW and Workplace Homicides of Women, Men "Blaming" Feminism, Implicit Misandry, Breaking Ranks with Feminism: Dangerous to Your Health?, Jonesboro and Montreal: Symbols of Men's Oppression of Women?, Programs for girls in math and science: "equality".

Interactive Calendar and Feedback form.. Interactive calenedar? Add your own events to it. A free service from MenWeb. Want to be notified of new stuff and upgrades on MSN? Fill out the questions on the bottom of the feedback form.


Taylor book

Men's Groups. More chapters from George Taylor's book Talking With Our Brothers, on our Men's Groups page. Stages in a Group's Life: The Beginning, Going Deeper, Plateaus and Problems. Men's Resources for Change (updated from the book).

Updated 4/7/98

Authenticity, Character and Destiny, an interview with James Hillman (author of The Soul's Code) by Bert H. Hoff, from Vol. 1 #1 of Men's Voices.

Book reviews of (1) Our Mothers' Spirits: On the Death of Mothers and the Grief of Men, (2) Healing the Infertile Family: Strengthening Your Relationship in the Search for Parenthood , (3) While I Am Not Afraid and (4) Guns and Boyhood in America. Plus info on Terry Real's I Don't Want to Talk About It (men and depression).

Updated 3/22/98

Domestic Violence: Men victims as often as women?
          New emergency room study, UNH research suggest so

New Interviews with Aaron Kipnis and Elizabeth Herron (authors of What Women and Men Really Want) and Warren Farrell (author of The Myth of Male Power) by Steven Svoboda.

Updated 3/4/98

New MP3 WebCasts featuring Robert Bly and Marion Woodman in Facing the Shadow in Men and Women, Tom Golden on Men and Grief, and Michael Gurian reading from The Wonder of Boys: Raising Boys to be Exceptional Men. MenWeb has Tom Golden's new tape available in the MenWeb on-line bookstore.

Updated 2/21/98

 We are proud to add Mentor as a sponsor of MenWeb. Our first offering is a collection of articles about our fathers and being fathers, including a couple of interesting personal stories.

Updated 1/2/98

Interviews with Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Robert Moore, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Warren Farrell, Marion Woodman and many others - timeless interviews

Robert Bly John Lee Robert Moore Sam Keen Marion Woodman Warren Farrell Bly, Lee & GurianBly, Lee & Gurian
Michael Gurian Malidoma Somé Shepherd Bliss Robert Bly (2) Clarissa Pinkola Estés Jed Diamond Joseph Jastrab Marion Woodman (2)

Updated 12/2/97

Mary LeTourneau, 35, a schoolteacher, has a baby by a 13-year-old former student of hers. Reporting on Teachers Who Sexually Abuse Students: Media Bias? Or Just Reflecting Society?, by Bert H. Hoff. Teachers sexually molest students. He gets 4 years, she gets 80 days. Terry McDermott, Seattle Times columnist, writes about the disparity. We've also highlighted other Seattle Times coverage of these two cases. Media bias, or just reflecting social attitudes? What do you think?

The Holidays: A Tough Time for Some Men.
          Depression, Grief, Ex-Wives

New Sponsor: Everyman from Ottawa Canada is now one of MenWeb's sponsors. We hope that other men's publications will join us soon. EverymaN: A Men's Journal

Updated 11/25/97

New Intimacy book cover The New Intimacy
Discovering the Magic at the Heart of Your Differences
Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski
Read our review.

Updated 11/13/97

New Section: Being a Father

Updated 11/13/97



Feminism: Has it gone too far?
Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers think so. Here's an interview they did on NPR's Think Tank show. And we have an expanded Web sub-site called Feminism: Too Far?"

Updated 11/10/97

Articles on Men, Spirit, Soul and Shadow

Mythopoetic? Robert Bly prefers the term "expressive men's movement." Some call it Jungian. At any rate, this "Men's Work" or "inner work" is at the heart of the "men's movement" and MenWeb.

Updated 11/7/97

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Updated 11/6/97

Sex after 50: Loss, Impotence, or a Deeper, Richer Sex Life?
 Male Menopause: Fact or fiction?

Updated 11/6/97

 PK logoPK gathering

Promise Keepers: Hopes, Concerns
Men supporting each other to commit to family, or danger from the Christian Right?

Updated 11/4/97
  Male Survivors of Childhood sexual Abuse Can a man lead a healthy, full and creative life after surviving child sexual abuse? Yes he can, but the road is rough. This section of MenWeb is devoted to helping male survivors to find such a life.

Updated 11/4/97

MenWebOur What's Here? contents page now has a random article-picker, that will select from our 60 articles and from the many men's stories and poems on MenWeb. So every day you can come back and find something different, something you didn't know was here!

Updated 11/4/97

 Male Menopause: Fact or fiction?

New 11/3/97
align=The fairy tales our parents never told us. Cinderella marries Prince Charming, only to find he's Peter Pan. Our lives don't seem heroic any more. Maybe mid-life tales of shaman/trickster fit better.  

Updated 11/2/97

Domestic Violence: Women as well as men
"I am ashamed for what I did." ... but very little attention is being paid to domestic violence by women. Here, too, is info on men and anger and "battered husbands."

Updated 10/30/97

We also poke fun at our use of these traditions.
Copyright © 1993 by Pete Sinclair, author of King, Warrior, Magician ... Weenie

Talking Sticks. Sweat Lodges. Vision Quests. Is use of Native American traditions at men's gatherings honoring, or spiritual theft? Read our articles on both sides, and make up your own mind.

Updated 10/30/97
  We've just made a major upgrade, at long last. Aside from the new look, we've added a new sections on domestic violence by women (a bit late for October Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but still timely), Native American Traditions and Circumcision, and enhanced our Relationships section with an article on Marriage Encounter program sponsored by many churches.

Updated 10/30/97

One Man's World: Mythopoetics, Men's Rights and Guys. The first in a series of occasional columns offering personal perspectives on men's issues and what's on guys' minds. By Bert H. Hoff. This column is about difficulties in creating a place in cyber-space where men are safe to find their voices and speak their truths, even if they are not "politically correct" or are upsetting to feminists.

Updated 7/31/97

Listen to an MP3 WebCast

Poetry - in the Poet's Own Voice Now you can hear the poet perform his poetry, through MP3. We have two poems to begin with, and will expand as we get the necessary permissions.

Updated 7/26/97

WITNESS! A new, expanded MenWeb section for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Read men's stories, including "in process" snippets. Contribute your own, anonymously to Scott Abraham, Assistant WebMaster for this area and a survivor himself.

Updated 7/15/97

MenWeb Delayed; MSN Changes and Challenges

In the past month Iíve neglected MenWeb, but for the best of reasonsóto help men find their voices and speak their truths. My contract to continue as Forum Manager of the Menís Forum on The Microsoft Network, or MSN, was in jeopardy. And thatís the "bread-and-butter" that lets me do the labor I love, helping men to find their voices and speak their truths. MenWeb and the Menís Voices quarterly journal Iím launching are still labors of love. It was also time to reap the fruits of a yearís labor on MSN. Men there are now talking about battered husbands, responsibility and domestic violence, and whether men get a fair shake in Family Court.

Iíll be telling the story behind that, here on MenWeb. Iíve started already and you can see the drafts as I work on this piece. Feedback invited!

In the meantime, the Menís Forum on MSN is now a full-fledged Web site as well, with selections from MenWeb and stuff we canít put on MenWeb, like MSNBCís on-line prostate cancer high-risk self-test and its article debunking myths about circumcision. We have weekly chats on topics like Men, Women and Relationships, Family Courts: Fair to Men? And Men, Love and Betrayal. (Betrayal? Youíre doing your best, and things could be smootheróand she tells you sheís "not fulfilled" and is going elsewhere. Guys know what Iím talking about here.) Thereís great dialogue between men and between men and women on topics that usually result in firestorms or flame-wars. To find out more about the Menís Forum on MSN, click here.

This MSN effort will, in return, feed MenWeb over the coming month. I already mentioned the gender wars on the on-line services. Iíll be bringing to MenWeb the Detroit News series Battered Husbands: No Place to Turn." And the new MSN section on adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and raising ADD kids. More importantly, the guys on MSN (few of whom are into the "menís movement" or "menís rights") are telling me what they want to hear about. I create new areas on MSN based on whatís going on in their lives, and Iíll bring it over here to MenWeb, too.

Itís a two-way street, of course. MenWeb has articles by Dick Prosapio and Jim Doyle about dealing with ex-wives and our feelings about them, that Iíll put up as soon as I can get to it. Thatís wonderful material for the MSN Menís Forum chat and Web site on Men, Love and Betrayal. The part that is the most fun for me, personally is "Poets in Their Own Voices." WebCast. Push the button and hear the poet perform his poetry. We already have it on MSN, and weíll have it here very soonólike in a few days.

Updated 7/8/97

New Articles ...

Testicular Self-Examination: High-Risk Alert, How to Do a Self-Examination. Vital info from the Men's Health Network.

Updated 5/30/97

The Fathers I Found in the Woods, by Donald Davidson

The Wonder of Boys, An Interview with Michael Gurian by Bert H. Hoff

Updated 5/16/97

New Features...

Men's Groups George Taylor, author of Talking with OUr Brothers: Creating and Sustaining a Dynamic Men's Group, joins MenWeb as Associate WebMaster of this new area. Men ... helping each other ... by telling their stories and speaking their truths ...

Check it out! Click here to find out more

Updated 6/2/97

Men's Health When a member of The Microsoft Network/MSN's Men's Issues Forum posted a message about an ache in his testicles, it suddenly dawned on me that MenWeb had info on this and other men's health issues. So we've created a new area. The first articles are on testicular cancer and self-examination, and on the consequences of men retaining too much iron in their bodies. More info will be added, and we welcome your suggestions for what to include!

Check it out! Click here to find out more

Updated 5/30/97

Male Survivors of Child Sex Abuse Scott Abraham, a survivor of child sexual abuse and a member of MenWeb's International Advisory Board, is Associate WebMaster of this new area. Men ... helping each other ... by telling their stories and speaking their truths ...

Check it out! Click here to find out more

Updated 5/27/97

In the news ... From time to time, a particularly good media story on a men's issue appears in the media. MenWeb will republish these articles, with the kind permission of the original publisher, so that these journalistic gems don't just fade away after original publication The first three items in this department will be an MSNBC report of an American Medical Association Journal article debunking myths about the "necessity" of circumcision, a Detroit News article on battered husbands, and a feature by syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker, on women who batter men .

Check it out! Click here to find out more

Updated 5/16/97

Changes at MenWeb

Updated 5/15/97

In a nutshell:

* I yielded to strong sentiment on the Seattle MEN Board that I step away from M.E.N. Magazine. My experience has parallels to that of Jim Bracewell, who has just stepped away from the Orlando Men's Council and the Florida Men's Gathering. These experiences are chronicled in a new MenWeb section, "Birth, Death and Transformation in the Men's Movement."

What happened? Click here to find out more Updated 5/10/97, 5/11/97

I have launched a new quarterly, Men's Voices, to continue the work I love:

  • interviews with creative thinkers, authors and mentors,
  • working with authors from around the country and the globe, to publish their work,
  • my own writing,
  • book reviews and
  • poems
In short, the work I was doing for MEN Magazine

Subscriptions are $20/year (4 issues).

Want more info? Want to subscribe? Click here to find out more

MenWeb will grow. Men's Voices is the hard-copy edition of MenWeb, and one of the sources of new content, but we're also talking to other men's publications, men's centers and individuals about a more eclectic MenWeb,not necessarily tied to any one publication. It has an audience of its own--a life of its own.

Thoughts? Comments? Let us know what you think. Email to the Editor and WebMaster Send us an e-mail! Tell us what you think!

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