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National Men's Health Week
June 15-21

Men's Health on MenWeb

Every day MenWeb will feature a different men's health topic.


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Here's what we have planned:

Monday: Why Men Don't Go to the Doctor by Dr. Kenneth A. Goldberg, who founded the first center in the United States specializing in male health, the Male Health Center in 1989. He is the author of How Men Can Live as Long as Women.

Also: Find Out More About Your Body and Your Sexuality Reviews of The Male Body: An Owner's Manual, Sex: A Man's Guide, and Life Improvement Guides from the editors of Men's Health magazine. Plus listings of other good books on the male body and male health available from the MenWeb on-line bookstore.

Tuesday: The secret to good health is in maintaining good health, through a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Click here for information on holistic and alternative health approaches.

Wednesday: Male Menopause: Fact, or Fiction? Is it possible to have a full sex life after 50? Check out our section on Male Menopause.

Thursday: Impotence and Infertility. Click here to find out more.

Friday: Domestic Violence-A Men's Health Issue. Check out our sections on Battered Husbands and Domestic Violence.

Saturday: Prostate Cancer. Sorting out the prostate testing debate An exclusive MSNBC report. Prostate Cancer: New Tests Create Treatment Dilemmas
Information on prostate cancer, prostate examination, the PSA test, and other conditions affecting the prostate. An article from FDA Consumer magazine.

Sunday: The topic is testicular cancer.


More Men's Health on MenWeb


Do We Care More About Saving Whales Than Saving Males?
A MenWeb exclusive, on gender issues in health, by Dr. Warren Farrell, author of the best-sellers The Myth of Male Power and Why Men Are the Way They Are.

Men's Health Page. Excess iron in men, Peyrone's Disease, condoms, balding, and other topics.


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The National Men's Resource Center has declared June as International Men's Month. Each morning at 12:01 AM, starting June 1, a new message will come up on our website by clicking on "Today". It will give information about a specific men's issue.

Bodywise. Worldwide health news with indepth features, infobytes, late breaking news, book reviews and a wealth resource information. Bodywise is recognizing men and focusing on their health for the month of June.
Week of June 1st - New Advances in Prostate Cancer
Week of June 8th - Varicocele: What Every Man Must Know
Week of June 15th - Chlamydia and Male Infertility
In June, Bodywise will also be doing a special in Covers on books new in print on men and the vital roles they play.


Help us help men
Every $20 helps!

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