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Congress has declared the week before Fathers Day (June 15-21 this year) as National Men's Health Week. Warren Farrell says in our lead article that there are 30 major men's health issues, and 30 days in June - why not devote each day in June to focusing on a different men's health issue? At any rate, for National Men's Health Week we've beefed up our Men's Health section with new articles on men's health issues.

Male Menopause book
Male Menopause
by Jed Diamond
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Do We Care More About Saving Whales Than Saving Males?
A MenWeb exclusive, on gender issues in health, by Dr. Warren Farrell, author of the best-sellers The Myth of Male Power and Why Men Are the Way They Are.

Male menopause
Male Menopause: fact or fiction? What is male menopause, anyway? Sex after 50: Impotence and loss or a deeper, richer sex life? 10 Warning Signs and 10 Life Changes with Male Menopause. Personal account by author Jed Diamond.

Testicular Self-Examination
Vital info from the Men's Health Network.

Iron in Men
This article by Alex Vasquez talks about the dangers of storing too much iron in your body.

Why Don't Men Go to the Doctor?
A thought-provoking article by Dr. Ken Goldberg, founder of the Male Health Institute and author of How Men Can Live as Long as Women..

Here's a wealth of articles that debunk myths about circumcision. One "The History of Circumcision in the U.S.," has come to be an Internet "classic" on the subject.

Breast Cancer, Osteoporosis, Cystitis and the Menopause in Men
Breast cancer and brittle bone disease are not just problems for women. Men get them too and should be taking preventive steps. (in cooperation with the "Men's Health Links" page of the Stejonda site in the UK.)

Conditions Men Get, Too
Breast cancer, osteoporosis, and eating disorders are three maladies often thought of as "women's diseases." This stereotype often prevents men who contract them from getting the help they need. Here's an article from FDA Consumer magazine about it.

Prostate Cancer: New Tests Create Treatment Dilemmas
Information on prostate cancer, prostate examination, the PSA test, and other conditions affecting the prostate. An article from FDA Consumer magazine.

Testicular Cancer: Survival High with Early Treatment
Information on testicular cancer, testicular examination. An article from FDA Consumer magazine.

Peyronie's Disease.
Most people (even including some health professionals!) have never heard of Peyronie's condition (usually called Peyronie's "disease"), yet it may affect as many as 1% of men. Peyronie's condition is the presence of fibrous plaques, like scars or hard lumps, inside the shaft of the penis. As these plaques can't stretch, they result in the penis bending when it is erect. Some men may have a very slight erection curvature which is natural, and not due to this condition; but Peyronie's condition bending can be very obvious, sometimes painful, and make intercourse difficult or impossible. Here's some information about it from the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse of the National Institute of Health.

Condoms: Barriers to Bad News
Information on condoms and "safe sex." An article from FDA Consumer magazine.

Hair Replacement: What Works and What Doesn't
An article from FDA Consumer magazine.

Books and Tapes on Men's Health

Books and Tapes for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

For gender justice, click here

Books and Tapes on Fathers, Fathering and Being a Father

Books and Tapes for Women of Wisdom

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 Men and Anger

 Men and Grief

 Surviving and Living: Male Childhood Sexual Abuse survivors. Articles, personal stories and valuable information; book reviews and an on-line bookstore; and "Witnessing the process ...", an invitation for men to read men's stories and share theirs, as part of the healing process. Scott Abraham, the Assistant WebMaster for this section of MenWeb, is himself a survivor who has helped many men.

Related Web sites on Men's Health:


The Men's Health Network. "An informational and educational organization recognizing men's health as a specific social concern and committed to promoting issues affecting men's health." It has an on-line men's health reference library. It has a "hot links for men's health" page listing prostate cancer, health, mental health, other health links and fathers/parenting.

The Male Health Center. Site of Dr. Ken Goldberg, author of How Men Can Live as Long as Women and long active for men's health through his involvement on the the advisory panels for National Men's Health Week, Men's Health Network and Men's Health Magazine. This site has many of his syndicated "His Health" columns on specific men's health issues.

The PlainSense Men's Health Tips site has practical suggestions for a broad range of problems, from athlete's foot to urinary incontinence.

Men's Health Magazine is the Web site for Men's Health magazine from Rodale Press.

The Men's Health Issues section of "Your Health Information Resource" maintained by Joel R. Cooper, "The Medical Reporter," has articles on aging and reproduction, stats on condom breakage in intercourse, impotence, testicular self-examination, enhancing fdertility and how to pick a doctor.

Male Menopause and The Third Age of Life. Jed Diamond, a "men's movement" figure for over a decade and author of Male Menopause has created a site with information about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of male menopause and the Third Age of Life, the challenges we face as we move past childhood and adulthood into elderhood.

Prostate Health Web site Articles about prostate cancer and prostitis, color anatomic descriptions, information on alternative holistic therapies that use plants and "Your questions answered" within 3 days by the site's board of urologists, physicians, and medical school professors. Men can also take part in confidential surveys. An official site of the American Foundation for Urologic Disease. Its editorial board is composed of Academic Urologists, Private Practice Urologists, Prominent Primary Care Physicians, as well as Radiologists. "It is our hope that this site will inform, educate and stimulate discussions. All records will be kept private and confidential."

CaP Cure: The Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate The Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate CaP CURE is a non-profit public charity dedicated to finding a cure for prostate cancer by rapidly funding promising basic and clinical research.

Prostatitis Home Page Excellent resource concerning prostatitis sponsored by the Prostatitis Foundation.

University of Michigan Prostate Cancer Home Page A professional prostate cancer resource page.

Testicular Cancer Resource Center TC Primer, TC Self-examination, detailed interview with a TC oncologist, info on treatment approaches, over 40 personal stories, faith and spirituality, individual e-mail support, TC and sex, the humorous side and a lot more, by a survivor who put it together when he couldn't find in one place the info he needed.

When cancer strikes your child An item from MSNBC. Healthy Adam: When cancer strikes your child. A personal account of a sonís battle against testicular cancer. By Michael Segell, MSNBC.

The Men's Health Trust and The Peyronie's Group. The Men's Health Trust is the only UK registered charity which aims to raise awareness, provide information, and encourage research into all health problems which only men can have. It offers a free newsletter. The Peyronie's Group is a new organisation (open ONLY to sufferers of Peyronie's condition) set up by The Men's Health Trust. (MenWeb has more info on Peyronie's condition, provided by the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse of the National Institute of Health.)

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