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How to Love a Woman

Tape Review by Bert H. Hoff


Clarissa Pinkola EstÚs, How to Love a Woman. (Boulder, CO: Sounds True, 1993)(2 tapes, 3 hours, $18.95)(1-800-333-9185)


Dr. EstÚs is a delightful contradora - keeper and teller of stories - and poet as well as a Jungian analyst, as readers of her Women who Run with the Wolves know. What you may not know is that her tapes of the stories in Wolves were "underground" classic best-sellers among women delving into women's spirituality (what we might call mythopoetic women) long before the book came out. Dr. EstÚs' ability to enchant and enthrall a listener while opening the spirit and soul to refreshing, new insights is apparent on this tape as well. She weaves her wisdom through the powerful story of Skeleton Woman, a story gvien to her by an Inuit woman who was grandmother to her. You may remember this story from Wolves; enen so, this rendition will be freshly insightful for you. Dr. EstÚs also reveals ten "secrets" to loving a woman and enjoying an intimate, soulful relationship. This tape makes a wonderful complement to Thomas Moore's book Soul Mates, reviewed in this month's book column.

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