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Meade: Men and the Water of Life

Michael Meade, Men and the Water of Life: Initiation and the Tempering of Men. (San Francisco CA: HarperSan Francisco, 1992) (order on-line)

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Michael Meade’s long-awaited book deserves the praise being heaped upon it by the likes of Robert Bly, Robert Moore and Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Michael, as you may well know, does not do things by half-measures. This is a long book that will not permit you to breeze through it. Rather, each chapter will require you to go deep within itself. The journey is well worth it: you will find gold there.

Michael brings a new approach to the telling and interpreting of tales. He brings in, not only traditional interpretation and scenes from his own life, but also the feelings and reactions that men have had when he has had them act out these stories in his weekend retreats. He has the men act out the stories or do rituals around them, so that they will experience the stories on their own bodies. His telling of this experience helps the reader feel the story in his or her own body as well.

Michael has such a delightful humor and down-to-earth style that we do not think of him as a "learned" man. And the book retains Michael’s practical style. But it is apparent from the references to a wide variety of cultures worldwide that he brings a depth of study as well as feeling to this inner work.

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