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Tapes from Oral Tradition

 James Hillman and Michael Meade, Character and Destiny
Based on James Hillman's book The Soul's Code.

Each of us has felt the pull of destiny and the longing to answer our particular calling, a desire rarely nurtured by our families or society. How can we cut through the noise of contemporary culture to respond to the call of our soul?

Hillman and Meade propose that this "inner nobility" often announces itself in the struggles and pathologies that confront us, as well as in our deepest passions. What if we could learn to view our "dysfunctions" in a new way? Could they be messages from our soul--calling us to a more authentic life? Can we, individually and collectively, learn the language of the soul, and live in accordance with its intimations?

Review    3 hours, 4 CDs. $29.95.

Character and Destiny James Hillman, Michael Meade $29.95

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Men and the Life of Desire tape coverRobert Bly, James Hillman and Michael Meade, Men and the Life of Desire
This landmark performance captures the energy and fire of an extraordinary men's gathering. Along with the Firebird story and poetry from Yeats to Rumi, topics include the hunger for the father, male initiation, and the differences between need, want and desire. Live music accompaniment.

Review     4 CDs, 4 hours. $29.95.

Men and the Life of Desire Bly, Hillman, Meade $29.95

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Facing the Shadow in Men and Women tape coverRobert Bly and Marion Woodman, Facing the Shadow in Men and Women
Oral Traditions' best-seller
There is a mystery around the word "shadow." We throw out part of ourselves in childhood, or put them in a bag; it is those abandoned parts that become the Shadow, which can then act destructively and independently of our will. If we can reclaim these parts much of our vitality and passion returns. Therefore Bly and Woodman challenge us to face the shadow in all areas of our lives. With live music, poems, and a moving Norwegian tale of love, The White Bear King Valamon.

Review     4½ hours, 4 CDs. $29.95.

Facing the Shadow in Men and Women Robert Bly, Marion Woodman $29.95

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James Hillman, Michael Meade and Malidoma Somé, Images of Initiation
Images of Initiation tape coverThrough stories, poems, song and lively dialog, psychologist James Hillman, mythologist and storyteller Michael Meade and initiated West African tribesman Malidoma Somé connect our lost rituals of initiation to the challenges that men are now facing. Together they explore where initiation begins, how it is denied and devalued, the role of mentor as distinguished from the father, and the importance of the grandfather and ancestors.

Hear a MP3 excerpt    Review    3 CDs, 2 hours. $24.95

Images of Initiation Hillman, Meade, Somé $24.95

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Threasholds of Change tape coverMichael Meade, Thresholds of Change: Finding Purpose and Inner Authority in Troubled Times
The dramas and symptoms that erupt in our lives are not simply bad luck due to circumstances. Our wounds are also initiatory scars pointing us toward our purpose and destiny.
Storyteller, mythologist and drummer Michael Meade challenges us to follow our "inner threads of purpose" and suggests surprising strategies for negotiating with our tyrannical inner giants, the value of stealth, trickery and deal-making, knowing when to strive and when to surrender, and the importance of discipline, art, and the feminine voice.

Review     4 CDs, 4-1/2 hours, $29.95.

Thresholds of Change Michael Meade $29.95

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 The Second Adventure of Life tape coverMichael Meade, The Second Adventure of Life
Far from being a time of resignation and withdrawal, the second half of life can be an opportunity to live a rich inner life while actively contributing to the community. In this live workshop tape, Meade uses poignant anecdotes from his work with at-risk youth and mythic stories of many cultures to bring the listener closer to the philosophical truths that guide a person from adolescence to the end of life. In this "second adventure" a person takes intentional risks to become an elder, rather than simply an "older," by extending innate gifts through specific practice and turning from the lament for lost youth toward a positive view of death and ancestors.

Review    5-½ hours, 4 CDs. $29.95.

The Second Adventure of Life Michael Meade $29.95

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 Robert Bly, Iron John and the Male Mode of Feeling.

"Both a thrilling drama and a timeless commentary on the male dilemma"—Sounds True
This is not a reading of the book! A live and entertaining performance of the now legendary tale,along with a challenging and provocative talk by Bly describing ten ways in which the male emotional experience differs from the female (not covered in the Iron John book). Recommended for men and women.

     2 CDs, 96 minutes     $17.00

Iron John and the Male Mode of Feeling Robert Bly $17.00

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Mythology of Gender tape coverMichael Meade, The Mythology of Gender
Storyteller, drummer and mythologist Michael Meade takes us on a journey into the heart of the conflicts that exist between men and women today. Acknowldging that there is great unhappiness and a predominence of envy between the genders, Meade addresses the following questions:

  • Whiat is a "gender ground"?
  • How does the collapse of mythology in our culture significantly affect relationships between men and women?
  • How hsve other cultures kept a sense of interdepencence bvetween the genders? Why is this so important?

Meade arefully incprporates poems form RIlke, Yeats and others, the tale of "The Woodcutter," and the African story of "The Lizard and the Fire" into this fascinating and timely exploration of the current struggle of men and women for justice, relationship and identity.
2 audio tapes or 2 CDs, 2 hours. $17.00.

The Mythology of Gender Michael Meade $17.00

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Throw Yourself like a Seed tape coverMichael Meade, Throw Yourself Like a Seed
The price we pay for worshipping independence may be an undernourished self, loss of community and increasingly chaotic youth. How do we go on as a culture without the rituals that give meaning to live? What legacy are we leaving coming generations?

Even when we recognize the need for change, how do we begin? Throw yourself like a seed, Meade suggests, into the work of living. Plant something and tend it long enough for meaning to appear.

The ancient story Half Boy illustrates the struggle of youth for respect and recognition, and the journey each of us must take to discover our genius within the community. Other stories include The Tree of Life and Death and The Abandoned Children.

1 CD, 90 minutes. $10.95.

Throw Yourself Like a Seed Michael Meade $10.95

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Nature, Magic and Community tape coverMalidoma Somé, Nature, Magic and Community
Malidoma Entertains, dazzles and confounds us as he describes birth, death, love and marriage in the Dagara village, where every aspect of life is inseparable with community and nature and wheat we might call magic. He offers an intensely intimate view of the Dagara spiritual life, portraying events and transformations utterly unknown to the modern psyche.

    80 minutes, 1 CD. $10.95.

Nature, Magic and Community Malidoma Somé $10.95

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The Dance of Gender tape coverMichael Meade, When Men Went One Way and Women Went the Other
Michael Meade turns his attention, in this live presentation, to relationships and "this business of gender" which he warns is "full of trouble." The feminist and men's movements have helped to re-acquaint men and women with aspects of themselves long suppressed or misjudged. Re-acquainting each other is often more difficult and painful. We are prisoners, not of our biology, but of an overly narrow imagining of who we are. When we begin to see this, a renewal in the relationship between men and women is possible.

Accompanying himself on drum, Meade tells an African creation myth and presents poems from both the male and female perspective, re-awakening images of our lost gender ground. This artful, inspiring, humorous and ultimately hopeful presentation was given to 500 men and women in Santa Monica, California. (Originally released as The Dance of Gender)

1 CD or 1 audio tape, 90 minutes. $10.95.

When Men went One way and Women Went the Other Michael Meade $10.95

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Book on Men and Grief

Book coverSwallowed by a Snake
by Thomas R. Golden
Men and grief.
To see a review, read articles by Tom and hear MP3 WebCasts from a workshop he did, see our Men and Grief section.

Swallowed by a Snake Tom Golden $13.95

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