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Health Communications, Inc. Brews a Toxic Chicken Soup for the Misandrist Soul

Mancott them !!

Steve Biddolph, Australian author of the best-seller Manhood, has suggested that "mancott" is bigger and more mature than "boycott."


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The publishing industry reached a new low in male-bashing at last week's World Book Expo, with Health Communications, Inc.'s announcement of a new book LET'S FACE IT, MEN ARE @$$#%\$$!, according to Bert H. Hoff, WebMaster of MenWeb and editor/publisher of Men's Voices Journal. "Health Communications, Inc., publisher of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, now has brewed a toxic chicken soup for the misandrist soul. Toxic Communications, Inc., I call them," says Hoff, WebMaster of a site that celebrates healthy masculinity and personal growth. "It's a shame that a publisher known for its male-positive focus on recovery, therapy, healing and personal and spiritual growth has decided to cash in on the male-bashing market."

"This latest book from Toxic Communications puts women on the Victim Pedestal and puts all the 'shame and blame' for failed relationships on men," says Hoff. The promotional blurb for the book says: "If they [women] decide to leave, the book provides practical steps to take and a Certified Asshole Award that they can present to the men they've had the displeasure of knowing." They should keep plenty of these certificates for themselves, Hoff quips.

The authors, Barry L Duncan and Joseph W. Rock, who present themselves as psychotherapists, published a little-noticed and quickly-forgotten book in 1991, Overcoming Relationship Impasses : Ways to Initiate Change When Your Partner Won't Help (Insight Press). "I guess they decided to slap a new male-bashing cover on it and make a mint," Hoff speculated.

MenWeb has launched a global boycott of Toxic Communications, Inc., promoted through MenWeb and men's organizations around the globe. "Publishers publish books like Men are Not Cost-Effective and Toxic Communications' e LET'S FACE IT, MEN ARE @$$#%\$$! to chase the bucks," says Hoff. "Every man who purchases John Lee's classic Flying Boy or Jim Sneichowski and Judith' Serven's ground-breaking male-positive The New Intimacy supports Toxic Communications in spreading their toxic misandry, sad to say."

MenWeb has sent the following letter to Toxic Communications, Inc.:

Publicity Department
Toxic Communications, Inc.
Health Communications, Inc.
3201 S.W. 15th Street
Deerfield Beach FL 33442

Dear Misandrists,

I am writing you to inform you of the steps that MenWeb has take, and will take, to counteract the "shame and blame" toxic message that your house, formerly highly-regarded for its work in recovery, therapy, healing and personal growth, is seeking to profit from.

LET'S FACE IT, MEN ARE @$$#%\$$! : What Women Can Do About It
Joseph W. Rock, Psy.d. and Barry L. Duncan, Psy.D.

The book comes complete with what your promotional blurb describes as a "Certified Asshole Award" for women leaving relationships to present on the way out. Be sure to take one for yourself. I never use such vile language in my own public communications, but since it is Toxic Communications, Inc.ís house policy to use it, you well deserve it.

MenWeb is one of the top menís sites on the Web. A comprehensive, eclectic site, itís been mentioned in stories in the Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, L.A. Times, San Francisco Guardian and other papers. Our mission is to help men find their voices and speak their Truths. To celebrate healthy masculinity. Weíre not a "Menís Rights" site. We focus mainly on menís physical, emotional and spiritual healthótherapy, recovery, healing, personal growth and self-improvement are major foci for us, just as they were for Toxic Communications, Inc. Weíve won the Mental Health Net 3-Star Award (highest for a menís site) for both MenWeb and the MenWeb sub-site for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We are not a "million hits a day" site, but every day hundreds of men will see our words about Toxic Communications, Inc.

MenWeb has launched a major campaign that Toxic Communications, Inc. just doesnít "get it," and has nothing to offer for men in recovery or men inter4ested in personal growth. We do this with a great degree of sadness, since John Leeís Flying Boy is a "Menís Work" classic and Jim Sniechowski and Jude Shervenís The New Intimacy, formerly heavily promoted on MenWeb, is a ground-breaking male-positive book on relationships.

Hereís what weíve already done:

  • Released press releases about Toxic Communications, Inc. to Publishers Weekly and the on-line
  • Launched a boycott of Toxic Communications, Inc., prominently featured on the opening page of MenWeb
  • Prominently featured a copy of this letter and the press release on MenWeb.
  • Removed all Toxic Communications, Incís books from the MenWeb on-line bookstore.
  • Replaced all references to "Health Communications" with references to "Toxic Communications" on MenWeb
  • Mailed a copy of the press release and letter to MenWebís list of menís organizations around the globe, and encouraged them to pass it on to other menís organizations. Our list already includes most of the menís activist organizations around the globe, and Iím confident that we will have 100% coverage within 24 hours.
  • Posted this press release on the most active Internet Newsgroups focusing on menís issues.

Hereís what we will do:

  • Encourage menís groups and organizations to picket bookstores that continue to carry any Toxic Communications, Inc. titles.
  • Prominently feature our material on Toxic Communications, Inc. on MenWebís next "general public" e-mail update. I think itís crucial that not only menís organizations, but the public at large know about the misandry of Toxic Communications, Inc.

Sincerely, and in the interest of celebrating healthy masculinity,

Bert H. Hoff
WebMaster, MenWeb
Editor and Publisher, Menís Voices journal
Forum Manager, the Menís Forum on The Microsoft Network.

Misandry, as defined by Patrick Arnold in Wildmen, Warriors and Kings, is the "hatred of men. 1: the attribution of negative qualities to the entire male gender. 2: the claim that masculinity is the source of human vices such as domination, violence, oppression and racism. 3: a sexist assumption that (a) male genes, hormones and physiology, or (b) male cultural conditioning produces war, rape, and physical abuse. 4: the assignment of blame solely to men for humanity's historic evils without including women's responsibility or giving men credit for civilization's achievements. 5: the assumption that any male person is probably dominating, oppressive, violent, sexually abusive, and spiritually immature."


Help us help men
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