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"The world needs a man's heart" -- Joseph Jastrab, Sacred Manhood, Sacred Earth

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Mythopoetic? Robert Bly prefers the term "expressive men's movement." Some call it Jungian. At any rate, this "Men's Work" or "inner work" is at the heart of the "men's movement" and MenWeb.
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Interviews with Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Robert Moore, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Warren Farrell, Marion Woodman and many others - timeless interviews


Feminism: Has it gone too far?
Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommersthink so. Here's an interviewthey did on NPR's Think Tank show. And we have an expanded Web sub-site called Feminism: Too Far?"

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What is Men's Work about? This site gives you an idea. But the "real" Men's Work is done by men in small groups, all across North America. The men's gatherings and wildman retreats that have garnered media attention (and mockery)are valuable for the participants, but they don't really reflect what's going on. Explore these pages to get a feel for what all this "men's stuff" is all about.

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